Write On Wednesday – For the Love of Money?

“The writer must earn money in order to be able to live and to write, but he must by no means live and write for the purpose of making money.” ~ Karl Marx

by Donta Morrison

I don’t write to make money?

Of course I love writing. I enjoy creating stories that pulsate with energy and catapult readers to a place of escape, allowing them to bask in beautiful ambiances filled with majestical moments of absolute freedom.

I take joy in knowing that my words keep people transfixed to pages and leave them craving more. Ahhhh, the power of the pen… The strength of a creative mind…The emptiness of my wallet!

Now that I have two published books under my belt –two very GOOD books, in my opinion, but I digress — my level of self-pride has definitely heightened. I challenged the naysayers, accomplished a long overdue goal and proved to myself that I COULD DO IT.

However, writing only pays the bills if you’re Terry McMillan, Eric Jerome Dickey, Zane, or one of the other celebrated authors in my personal collection.

How do I gain access into the inner circle of writers who are afforded the luxury of creating while sitting on the balcony of a tropical paradise, used only when their publishing house deadline is near?

I would love to be able to steal away for days and simply create. Instead, I am forced to draft a chapter in-between balancing my checkbook and making arrangements with bill collectors.

Maybe I’m expecting too much too soon. Slow down. Breathe. Enjoy the moment. I successfully completed two books, right?

Refocus: Writing is my release. A way to relieve stress and share experiences with the world. I write because it helps me breathe. Even when I am not physically putting thought to paper, I am mentally drafting storylines filled with grandiose occurrences.

In spite of my debt, regardless of my financial struggle and cut-off notices aside, I am RICH with words and creative power.

If only my creditors would accept copies of my books as payment.

Donta – HIV/AIDS educator, speaker and author – has published two novels, The End of the Rainbow and its’ sequel, Yesterday Clarified.  Both are available online at Amazon.com. Learn more about him by visiting his website, www.DontaMorrison.com and follow him on Facebook or Twitter

Fam, I know Donta isn’t alone on this. How do you continue to remain creative and write in the face of financial challenges? 


3 thoughts on “Write On Wednesday – For the Love of Money?”

  1. Kire Senoj said:

    It’s sometimes hard (for me) to stay focused on what I love, but I pray to GOD, ask HIM to remove the fear and anxiety and keep my pen moving. I LOVE this! and I know one day I will be one of the ones sitting on a black sand beach creating my next masterpiece novel.

  2. Donta, I feel like I was reading my own words! I feel you bruh. Congrats on completing two books. I am currently jumping into the self-publishing waters and expect to have my book out later this year. I love how you ended with the joy of writing in your piece. I feel the same. Writing is also my release. In fact, I recently wrote a poem entitled, My Release about our favorite subject, writing. Keep at it, and I am sure you will see great success. Cheers!

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