My Promise

i’m a writer.

now that i’ve been blessed to  celebrate my 40th birthday, though, i realize how important it is that that’s not all i am.

i’m a wife, daydreamer, daughter, creator, sister, producer, aunt, adventurer, cousin, comrade, lover, listener, stranger and friend.

i have a wry sense of humor, love michael jackson and am most at peace on the water, but can’t swim a lick.

if i didn’t have to wear clothes, i wouldn’t. if i could walk barefoot everywhere, i would.

and if i’m ever able to travel around the world in a hot air balloon, just look up to the sky and wave, my friend, because that’s where i’ll be.

the next 40 years? i promise, i’m not going to squander them only writing about real and imaginary folks doing stuff.

it’s time for me to get a life of my own.

off the page.


3 thoughts on “My Promise”

  1. I love your website – What a great attitude and optimistic love of life!
    all the best.
    Eric Wolf

  2. I love this sentiment!

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