Hi. My name is Monice Mitchell Simms and I am a published author and  authorpreneur.

I’m hoping if you’ve found your way to my blog, you are or want to be one, too.

What is an authorpreneur? I define it as a writer who employs his/her art, talent, gift or skill to educate, entertain & empower others through service.

Weekly here, I’ll be posting original quotes I happily call, Monice Saids, and pieces –  that will hopefully inspire, motivate and entertain you on your journey. You can also look forward to  It’s Tuesday, Write On Wednesdays, Thank you, Thursday, For Make Believers Friday and Support Saturday.

I also want to hear from you and create a supportive community of authorpreneurs, artistpreneurs and make believers who will share their experiences and  expertise with one another.

Could I be doing something else with my time? Absolutely. But I believe that faith leaves a trail and success isn’t measured by the money in your pocket, but the smile on your face when you rise to do what you love every morning.

You with me?



2 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. Hi My Sister. I read the great article on Nichole Christian. Excellent. Beautiful Blog.

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