Write On Wednesday – Smart Authors Self Publish

“Self-publishing is not a short cut to anything. Except maybe insanity. Self-publishing, like every other kind of publishing, is hard work. You don’t wake up one morning good at it. You have to work for that.”  ~ Zoe Winters, Indie author


In my efforts to search out helpful tools and knowledge to share with you on your artistpreneur and authorpreneur journeys, Fam, I’ve managed to stumble upon an informative blog series on self publishing penned by yours truly. LOL!

Suspect, I know.

But seriously, I’ve been told that the information I’ve been sharing on my author site – www.monicemitchellsimms – has been overwhelmingly useful. So, I thought I’d repost the three post I’ve penned so far on self publishing for you and let you decide:

Smart Authors Self Publish: A Testimony

Smart Authors Self Publish: A Cheat Sheet (Part One)

Smart Authors Self Publish: A Cheat Sheet (Part Two)

Fam, in coming weeks, I plan to post blogs on how to platform your voice — a fancy way of saying how to market yourself as an author – and how to launch a book tour on a budget.

Stay tuned and as always, hope this helps. 🙂

Ask away, Fam! Got any questions about you’ve read? I’m happy to elaborate. 


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