It’s Tuesday – Motivation and Accountability: The Secret Keys To Focus

“The more you lose yourself in something bigger than yourself, the more energy you will have.” ~ Norman Vincent Peale

By Malla Haridat

Welcome back, Everyone!

Before I continue with the rest of my guest post, I am thrilled to announce that two phenomenal women contacted me and shared that they incorporated my 10 minute “Things To Do” list tip into their week. And it worked!

This good news really makes excited to continue with my next two steps: 


Did you notice that I did part of this goal last week?  In case you couldn’t tell, I wanted to be strolling through the park that day.  But my motivation is you –Serving artistpreneurs with real and specific tools to make you more successful with your businesses.

I firmly believe that many people are designed to entrepreneurs.  However, we didn’t have the right training, education or mentors to help make that goal a reality – at least not economically.  So I’ve spent a good deal of my time empowering both young and experienced with tips, tools and tricks for making entrepreneurship a reality. 

And it’s a powerful motivator for me.  Enough to get re-focused when my mind started drifting last week.

Let me recommend that you find that higher goal for yourself.  Write it down.  Memorize it.  Repeat it every morning and night.  And put reminders everywhere you go.  It will help you stay focused  – especially when there are good distractions around you!


Here’s the big step that many don’t take.  You’ve got to tell someone.   Someone who will hold your feet to the fire.

I often surround myself with other entrepreneurial friends.  They are often working on numerous projects.  So when I feel like dragging my feet, their enthusiasm and success wear off on me.

 I spoke with a friend yesterday who shared with me some of the struggles she is having with her one of her clients.  After we talked through some strategies, she asked me how my new workshop series was coming along.  I shared one of the challenges I’ve been encountering with spreading the word and she immediately thought of a great PR strategy.

Let me be clear.  She is one of my accountability buddies.  I purposefully emailed her the marketing info for my workshop, even though I knew she wasn’t in my target market.  I was confident she would help me move forward when things got bumpy and would help me think through some ideas for the challenging spots.   As a fellow entrepreneur who is also focused on her business moving to the next level, we often bounce ideas off of each other.

I’ve also had a phone or email buddy for special projects.  I have them contact me daily or weekly to see how my progress is (And yes, I am always willing to extend the favor back to others).  A good friend of mine kept me engaged for 90 days on re-starting my exercise program when I lapsed after a few long months of going back to the gym.  Knowing that she would email me daily was inspiration to make sure that I got in my daily work-out.  I didn’t want to disappoint her that I hadn’t made the effort.

That being said, let me congratulate you for making the effort in empowering yourself with tools by reading my guest post.

A quick review. There are three steps to maintain your focus to reach your goal as an artistpreneur: 




That’s it! Hopefully you’ve found some value in these three steps for your own artistpreneurship.  I wish you nothing but success in your business!

Fam, are motivation and accountability really the secret keys to focus? What’s your testimony? 

Malla – Entrepreneurship Educator, Coach and trainer for youth business builder programs – is an inspirational communicator who builds people, programs, and possibilities. Her company,New Designs for Life, was awarded the New York City Small Business Award of the Year and has been featured in publications like “The New York Times,” “,” “” and “Martha Stewart Radio.” Connect with her on Twitter and Facebook.


3 thoughts on “It’s Tuesday – Motivation and Accountability: The Secret Keys To Focus”

  1. Towana Anderson said:

    Here’s my update after applying some of the steps as recommended by Malla Haridat. Last Tuesday, I read this article. I woke up Wednesday morning and gave myself ten minutes. I utilized that time to plan out my upcoming week. I ended up with 10 things on my to do list and out of the ten, I accomplished 6 of them. I had a very productive week. It was empowering. I had not exercised in years, but this week I did because basically I made it a priority, it was on the list. The “To Do List” helps to bring things in perspective. It basically is a snap shot of what needs to be done & if you write it in a notebook or calendar you can use it as a constant reminder to yourself. Applying these steps was definitely beneficial and I plan on repeating the steps again this week. It’s all about focus & carving out just a little time to ensure progression is occurring. You don’t have to move the whole mountain @ one time; however, what is important is that the mountain does move pieces @ a time. These steps helped me to prioritize & focus. (Thanks Monice & Malla).

  2. I am sooo pleased, towana! congrats on incorporating malla’s “to do list” into your week and beyond! i really like how you took this and made it your own. you go and keep us posted!

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