It’s Tuesday – Passion + Purpose = Productivity

“Your work is to discover your work and then, with all your heart, to give yourself to it.” ~ Buddha

I blame my momma for that.

Growing up, she taught my sister and I to always give 200% for school and work. No matter the task. 

So last year, when I decided to start the monice magazine and dedicate “It’s Tuesday” to productivity, I have to admit, Fam, I wasn’t doing it for me. 

You see, I’ve always been productive. Because my momma raised me to be a work horse and I’m a Libra/Scorpio that makes lists in my sleep, I’ve yet to meet a task I cannot complete. 

Sounds like a good thing, right? But no, that skill, in and of itself, has kept me shackled to desks, assisting and supporting other folks, while watching them manifest their dreams. 

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t blame my former bosses. At the time, it was a steady paycheck and if I’m being honest, a part of me wanted to be there, because it was easier to hide behind their mounds of paperwork and help build them up than to step out on faith and do the same for myself.

Then, seven years ago, everything changed. I had a health scare and shifted my focus. To my passion.

Fam, you think I moved to Hollywood, California, away from everything and everyone I knew and loved to be an assistant?! Hell naw!  I had traveled to the land of La to win my Oscar! And it was time to get to it.

So, with nothing to anchor me, but my passion, I quit my job.

And you know what happened? Just as productive as I was for my former employer, my husband I – plugged into our joint passions of filmmaking – poured everything we had into our production company.

And we flourished. 

Business  was really good for a long while. Filmmaking allowed me to live fully in a passion I had sorely neglected and my productivity muscle kept us organized and busy.

But there was only one problem. As long as work was finding us, we ate well. But if I had to go out after it, pitch ourselves and network to get it, we starved. 

Never completely steady, we always see-sawed back and forth between feast or famine. Then, the bottom dry rotted and fell in to fell into the Recession. 

Not unlike the rest of the country, it sent us reeling. And I, desperate to grasp onto something, anything to anchor myself, reached out for productivity and passion, but still kept falling, plummeting down to the ground. 

Nowhere else to turn, I surrendered to purpose. Only I didn’t know that was what I was doing at the time. 

Honestly I just I thought I was writing my book. A book I had been telling my friends and family for years I was going to write. I didn’t know that by sitting my butt in my chair and writing every day – no matter what drama or uncertainty was havocking my life – was me walking in my purpose. 

Fam, to show how clueless I was, even when I fearlessly created my imprint to self-publish my novel, enlisting the talents of my phenomenal thespian friends to produce the audio series and manifested a six-city book tour out of the ether, I sill didn’t know I was walking in my purpose. 

The truth is, I’m only just realizing this now. Why? Because of this equation that recently came to me…

Passion + Purpose = Productivity.

For me, the story behind this equation is simple: My novel – and all it has taken to write and self-publish it – has been the ONLY creative thing in my life that continuously ignites my passion, cements my purpose and generates productivity.

It breaks down like this —

Because I’m PASSIONATE about being an author, I sit my butt down in the chair and write.

And because I’m anchored in my PURPOSE to use my gift to entertain readers and empower authors, I recognize this is bigger than me.

And finally because I am passionate and purpose driven, I confidently and courageously complete tasks and can talk to anyone anywhere at any time. That’s PRODUCTIVITY, right? 

Yaw have no idea how happy I am to figure this out. That’s why I’m sharing it with you. Hopefully, my equation can help you determine what artistpreneurial path deserves your full commitment and attention. 

Marry your passion, anchor yourself in your purpose and you can’t help but be productive, right? 😉

Fam, how can you apply my equation to your life to become more productive?


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