It’s Tuesday – Are You Fired or Fired Up?

“You are meant for a purpose. What is meant for you is meant to be. You are meant to be.” ~ Ledisi, “Raise Up.”

It’s Tuesday, Fam. And you can best believe someone somewhere just got fired.

My bad. I should be, if nothing else, politically correct.

What I had meant to say was – someone just got downsized, laid off, ousted, let go, terminated.

Howsomever you choose to say it — especially if you’re that (un)fortunate someone that just got the boot — doesn’t  really matter, now does it?  Because the truth of the matter is that the pink slip you just received could be the best thing that ever happened to you.  If you want it to be.

Nonsense, Monice! That’s just crazy talk!

I hear you and believe it or not, I even anticipated you peeshawing me through your computer screens. So, I came equipped — With proof.

Did you know:

  • That in 1919, Walt Disney was fired from the Kansas City Star for — according to his editor — “lacking imagination and having no good ideas?”
  • That J.K. Rowlings, the author of the phenomenal Harry Potter series, secretly wrote stories on her work computer when she was a secretary and daydreamed about a teenage wizard until her employers finally gave her the boot?
  • That a Baltimore TV producer told Oprah that she was “unfit for television news?”
  • That Jerry Seinfeld, who had a small part on the sitcom, “Benson,” didn’t know he was fired until he showed up for a read-through and his part was missing from the script?
  • That Thomas Edison secretly conducted experiments in his office at Western Union until he got canned and decided to pursue inventing full time?

Fam, I’m not making this up. Walt Disney, J.K. Rowlings, Oprah Winfrey, Jerry Seinfeld, Thomas Edison – WERE ALL FIRED!

Can you imagine how mundane and let’s face it, sad life would be if everyone above had let being fired from a job keep them from fulfilling their purpose?

Right, right, they’re all famous people and you’re just a regular John/Jane Doe. Well, I have news for you, my friend. You, too, have a purpose. Trust.

And whether or not you’ve been let go from a job ten minutes or ten years ago, you can still get on the good foot, get motivated and commit yourself to do what you were put on this earth to do.

Artistpreneur Nichole Christian is doing it. Every day. One step at at time. And if you stick around, I’ll be introducing her to you on For Make Believers Friday.

But until then, you have a choice to make — Yes, you were fired. But are you going to let that defeat you or fire you up? Decide.

Fam, has a firing ever fired you up and now you’re more successful than ever? Share your testimony here and inspire us!


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