It’s Tuesday – Latch Onto Your Intention

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss it, you will land among the stars.” ~ Les Brown

Happy Jan. 3rd, Fam.

How are your  New Year’s resolutions going?

Let me guess — Either you are right on schedule, three days into achieving your goal. Or you have already fallen back into last year’s old habits.

Well, if you’re on track – Congrats. But if you’re beating yourself up for failing to make it do what it do, then today’s post is for you.

First of all: Get over yourself. A goal, as defines it, is an aim/end or  the result/achievement toward which effort is directed.”

Directed, Fam. You know what that means? That your intention is the only thing that matters.

And yes, I know we all want to win. Breastfed on competition, we’re all reared to believe that not finishing first is a fate worst than death.  As a result when we make what are often impossible New Year’s resolutions and don’t immediately hit them out the park, we give up – not only on our goals, but ourselves. 

And that bites, Fam. Bites big time. You know why? Because you’re missing the point.

You see, making New Year’s resolutions and goals isn’t about achieving them. It’s about directing your intention, action and energy towards your desired result and appreciating each milestone – no matter how big or small – on the journey.

To make it plain — Say, your goal is to lose 100 pounds. You didn’t gain 100 pounds over night, so it’s going to take some time. And trust, you will take one step forward, two steps backs quite a few times along the way. But how about instead of cursing yourself and letting your setbacks derail you, you give yourself a hand clap for latching onto your intention, standing strong in your intention and taking steps forward in your intention. Every time.

In the end, are you going to lose 100 pounds? Maybe. Maybe not. But riddle me this – if you exercise, adopt a healthier diet and transform your mindset to ultimately shed 50 pounds, does that make you a failure?

You already know the answer, right? 😉

Fam, how has latching on to your intention helped you? 


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