My Promise….One More Again

“We often need to lose sight of our priorities in order to see them.” ~ John Irving

Shortly after my 40th birthday last year, I made a promise to myself – to live my life off of the page. 

Trust, I had every intention to fulfill my lofty goal. At first. 

But then, as with anything, I fell into the slump of business as usual — writing, blogging, looking for work — and soon my bucket list was a forgotten memory. 

Ironically, the only thing that saved me from my boring self were a group of incarcerated girls that I was blessed to teach and mentor every thursday for eight eye opening months. 

In fact, volunteering with those girls – who taught me every bit as much as I taught them – was just the kick in the pants i needed to recommit myself to live life instead of only writing about it. 

The result? My husband and I took a road trip to Palm Springs. between the two of us, we have lived in L.A.. for three decades. Yet, neither one of us had ever been to Marilyn Monroe’s favorite hangout, which is only about a two-hour drive away. 

Next on my bucket list was my Annual Sister Trip. Postponed for nearly two years, thanks to the recession, my sister and I planned an adventure extravaganza in new mexico.

Fam, we did it big! Fly fishing – yes, black girls from detroit go fly fishing. LOL! Bike riding, hiking and hot air ballooning. 

Aptly titled: Our Exhiliarting, Exhausting, Everything Happens for A Reason Sister Trip, we crisscrossed that gigantic state, driving 424 miles from Albuquerque to Sante Fe to Taos and back to Albuquerque again in four fabulous days.

Talk about gaining perspective.

Standing in awe of majestic mountains,  desert sands and determined streams  – all things born long before me – really hammered home for me my place in this world. 

I am but one small speck in the universe. And I can do it big, no doubt. But if I am to really to make a difference and live my purpose off the page, I gotta pick my spots. 

In short, I need to employ better use of my time. 

So, with that said, I’ve decided to flip the script on The Monice Magazine a bit. Instead of trying (and failing) to write daily pieces for the blog, I am going to slowly morph this into a Make Believer’s Wire Service. 

Get ready to see shorter pieces with links to articles.  I will also continue to periodically feature artistpreneur profiles. And of course, my Monice Saids aren’t going anywhere. 

Now, the transition won’t always be seamless. But just know,  I’m working hard to find the balance to keep The Monice Magazine going.

And, Fam, I’m also smart enough to know I can’t do it alone. Give me a hand if you can, and tell me —

What would you like to see included in The Monice Magazine? How can I better serve you?

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