Write On Wednesday – Book Blocks or Prose Pauses? – My Path To Publication

“If you never take the chance to find out what could be, then you lose the chance to find out what would be.” ~ Unknown

by Tameka Mullins 

The life of a writer can seem so glamorous.

We wake up at the crack of whenever, drink unlimited amounts of tea or coffee and sit in front of our computers in our silk pajamas pouring our emotions, fantasies and notions onto the page while others are slaving away at REAL jobs.

But in reality, glamour can turn to gloom quick, fast and in a hurry when the writing projects we pitch are thrown back at us without a book deal attached. 

Let’s back track. Earlier this year in March, I decided to self-publish and I was super happy about it. I was researching graphic artists and vendors who I could work with to bring my baby to life and I felt renewed, determined and empowered.

I even wrote about my change of heart about self-publishing on my good friend’s blog, The Monice Magazine. In my post, My Date With Digital Publishing, I revealed with glee my plans to take my story into my own hands and even though I had some nervous butterflies, I was all set to go. Until…

I received two opportunities to be published by traditional means!

The first was a small publisher who I had submitted to a while back. I was contacted not long after the above post had been written and was told I was being considered along with six other writers for a spot on their writer roster. I wrote about this opportunity on my blog, in a post called Shades of Green and Gray. The second opportunity then came a month later after meeting the representatives of another small publisher at the Book Expo of America Conference.

Certainly the publishing Gods were trying to tell me something!

I had changed my thinking and had released my apprehension about self-publishing and that was the test! I passed! So now I was going to be rewarded with a traditional deal! Yay!

Of course that was my reasoning and understanding at the time. But not all gifts come wrapped in Christmas paper.

Sadly, I learned that I had not made the roster at the first small publisher, but I did receive great feedback and referrals, which I accepted happily. It is always nice to be considered isn’t it? I still held out hope, though, because the other publisher was still reviewing my work. My first three chapters passed muster and now all I was waiting on was their final word.

Well, I received their answer this morning and it was no.

So now I’m trying to figure out what was the lesson in all of this? I had finally wrapped my mind around self-publishing and was moving forward so why would I be given a chance to publish traditionally and then not make the cut yet again?

Well, I don’t have a definitive answer, but I feel fine. Of course there is that little gnawing feeling you get when you don’t complete a goal you had in mind, but I know a yes is in my future and I have the power to deliver it. 

My first inclination was to think that my book was being blocked or that my prose was paused, but I know that my work is making it to market one way or another and I stand strongly behind it. So many great writers have had to walk a rugged path to get their work published and I am honored to take up stride in their wake. 

I will continue my journey and pretty soon my book will be making its way through the cyber system to e-readers around the world and resting in reader’s hands.

How do I know? Because I say so. I believe it to be. I will it into existence and I will keep working hard. I am giving in to the continued dedication it will take. As long as I write, there will be a way! 

Updates to come!

Tameka – Artsy, creative media professional and Lyric Fire blogger – is a poet and author of “Letters to Chyna – A Novel.” (Soon to be released as an e-book!) Connect with her onTwitterFacebook and Tumblr.

C’mon Fam, let’s give Tameka a round of applause for sticking to her dream to independently publish her novel. Anybody got any words of encouragement or knowledge you’d like to share with her? 



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