Write On Wednesday – Happy Hallanniversary, Fam!

“funny thing about traction….you only gain it when you encounter resistance.” ~ monice mitchell simms

Exactly one year ago today, I peered across the crowded blogosphere landscape and decided to start the monice magazine.

Was it because the world needed yet another self-indulgent blog? Nope. It was because I had a lofty goal…

To create a  supportive community where authorpreneurs, artistpreneurs and make believers could share their experiences and expertise with one another.

Now after nearly burning out from the ambitious goal of writing a daily blog, then retooling to include posts from guest bloggers and other syndicated content, I am proud to say we have attracted a following of make believers from all over the world! 

To thank you, Fam, for helping the monice magazine grow, I’m celebrating the posts you liked the most. 

Click the link to download our ONE ANNIVERSARY ISSUE, featuring the most popular posts from the It’s Tuesday, Write On Wednesday, Thank You Thursday and For Make Believer Friday sections. 

Thank you so much, Fam, for hanging in there with me and motivating me to keep making it do what it do. 

My only hope is that I can continue to be as much of a gift to you as you are  to me.  

Each one help one! 🙂


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