For Make Believers Friday – Artistpreneurs Don’t Stop!

“Your music makes me want to sing. Your music is a joy to bring. Music is my heart and soul. It’s more precious than gold. I love your music.” ~ Marvin Gaye, “I’ve Got My Music”

I got some bad…Shut Yo Mouth…friends. LOL!

Today, instead of profiling one artistpreneur making it do what I do, I’m going to give some love to three of my musician friends who are using their own hard, cold cash to flip iTunes on its head despite the odds.

First down the Soul Train Line is the one and only Kim Jordan. When I was a creative alien growing up in Detroit and running around the sacred halls of Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church in Hamtramck, there weren’t a lot of folks I could look to as a model to become an artist. One of the first folks that took me under her wing, though, was my preacher’s kid, herself – Kim Jordan.

A phenomenal vocalist, producer, composer, arranger and keyboardist, she has over 30 years in the music game and has performed with greats such as Gil Scott Heron, Stevie Wonder and Meshell Ndegeocello. I’m also honored to say that she scored my film, Rain for Showtime. 

Kim is the business, Fam! And now she’s independently producing her third album. Check out this link  —  Kim Jordan: Uncommon — to support her!

Hold on…Who’s that moonwalking down the line now? It’s my boy Antonio Lyons! I can’t even begin to explain how fly this dude is. Actor, singer, world traveler, photographer, dancer, activist, he does it all. I’ve known him nearly 15 years and whether he’s on screen in films such as Hotel Rwanda or jamming onstage, he never doesn’t cease to amaze. 

If you know what’s good for you, Fam, you best download his new CD, We Dance We Pray, today!

Wait a minute, we can’t go to commercial break yet. See that smooth criminal making her way down the line. Ladies and Gents, it’s Jazzy Rita! A distinctive jazz artist, my girl, LaRita Shelby, is on a mission. Her purpose? To reach a million women in the next 30 days with her single, Mr. President’s Girl. Help her surpass her goal by downloading her song right now!

O.K. I’m going to wrap it up right here. Fam, there are so many artistpreneurs out there who are continuing to make their music off the grid.

They can’t be stopped.

They won’t be stopped!  

Support them by incorporating their music into the soundtrack of your lives. 

You won’t regret it. 🙂


3 thoughts on “For Make Believers Friday – Artistpreneurs Don’t Stop!”

  1. Thanks Monice! I have been looking for some new music to get into. I will strut my stuff down the line and head to the sites of these artists so I can continue to get my groove on! Shine on yall! Shine on!

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