Write On Wednesday – Write Your Way Out

” The keyboard is my journal.” ~ Pharrell Williams

I was talking to a friend the other day, lamenting how I’m so over the struggling artist label. I took it even further and said that all artists aren’t depressed, suicidal geniuses, but then I stopped short.

O.K., we may not all be suicidal – Thank ya, Lawd – or geniuses, but we all are shonuff bffs with depression.

Add to it that we’re smack dab in the middle of the Christmas Holiday during the worst recession since the Great Depression (no pun intended) and you can best believe there a bunch of us walking around in the dumps.

Fam, you guessed it — I have some experience in the melancholy department. That’s why I wanted to share with you the way I continuously write my way out.

I journal. Not as wretchedly  as I used to. 🙂 Things are much better these days.

But during the darkest moments when I found myself contemplating colors, I would write out whatsomever I was going through. More raw, stream of consciousness emotion, it doesn’t often make for the most pleasant re-reading, but I can tell you this, it has absolutely kept and keeps me off the psychological ledge.

So much so, that I  keep three journals these days: One for my creative farts. One to solely express gratitude. And one I pray no ever ever finds. LOL!

What about you, Fam? Do you journal?  If so, share with us how you write your way out. I wanna hear from you!


3 thoughts on “Write On Wednesday – Write Your Way Out”

  1. I have too many journals, at least that’s what my husband thinks. LOL. I have one for prayers, one for thoughts that come during my quiet time with God, one for creative ideas and another one full of thanks that I just stopped keeping. Writing truly has been a salvation for me. A page full of thoughts always seems to mean a clear mind for me.

    • funny, rhonda. i have a lot of journals, too. especially over the years. and like you, a page full of thoughts means a clear mind, but in writing them down, it also makes room for more. i don’t journal enough. got to make more of a habit of it. thanx for sharing!

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