It’s Tuesday – What do you need to do just for you?

“Nobody can bring you peace but yourself.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Fam, ever notice when you need to do something, you do it?

But when you want, dream, hope to do something — climb Mt. Everest, travel backwards around the world or write your literary masterpiece — we always find excuses not do it. 

I was talking with a friend recently about necessity. (Yeah, we’re deep like that. LOL!) And we both admitted to each other how nine times out of ten, we don’t clean our houses — I mean really get down with the down and dirty — until we know company is coming over. 

For her, it was the neighborhood block club. For me, my intern. 

Now, unfortunately for me, I spent all day Sunday mopping and battling dust bunnies, and my intern ended up canceling. But my friend’s nosey neighbors? They showed up right on time, none the wiser that just a few hours earlier, her living room had been stacked with boxes of her estranged husband’s stuff. 

You guessed it, my friend is going through a painful separation and she needed to move her soon-to-be- exe’s boxes to clear the way for her healing months ago. Yet, she could never make herself do it. 

Until she had to. 

And guess what? Once my friend removed the boxes, she was able to breathe again. She for damn sure was able to see her floor again. And now she’s finally starting the journey back to herself. Again.

I say again, not because my friend’s gone through this before, but because everyday, the conflicts of our lives separate us a little bit more from ourselves. And that’s why you need to do the necessary, routine things to reconnect yourself back to you. 

Yes, you need to eat. That’s why you work. But the thing that helps you breathe — whether it be writing, dancing, singing, drawing, painting, cooking, cleaning, fixing cars or digging holes in the sand — you need to do that, too. 

Just for you. Not because company is coming over or a bill is due or you have a deadline to meet.

Your joy is the necessary ingredient in your sanity.  

Don’t you think it’s time you make it a need? 

Fam, what dream, goal, hope do you need to do just for you?  


2 thoughts on “It’s Tuesday – What do you need to do just for you?”

  1. So, so, so much mind knowledge and life juice in this. This is a must-read and a re-read for all of us! YES!

  2. Nichole Christian said:

    A cup full of wisdom served right on time. Thanks, girlie!

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