Write On Wednesay – Want To Lose Weight? Put Pen To Pad.

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.”
~ Jim Rohn

I’ve been writing for a looong time.

As a result, my body shows the wear and tear of the craft I love so much — carpal tunnel, lower back pain and yes, a steadily, widening back side. 

I suspect that you — my Fam of writers and authorpreneurs — feel my pain, too. That’s why I decided to dedicate this “Write On Wednesday” to something that could help all of us — Food journaling. 

I know. Me writing about dieting. Really? 

But no, that’s not what this post is about. For those of you who don’t know, I don’t believe in dieting. I do, however, swear by living a healthy life. And if anybody needs to learn how to live more fit, full lives, it’s us, writers. 

So you can take what I’m about to share with a grain of salt if you want… But I figure since we keep journals on just about everything else, why not at least consider food journaling? 

C’mon, Fam! It’s not like it’s brain surgery.

Doctors say that if you want to lose weight, you need to eat less. And if you want to eat less, it helps to consistently write it down. 

How does this work? Accountability. 

Here’s proof — In 2008, a study found that healthy eaters who kept food diaries at least six days a week lost twice as much weight as those who kept the journals one day a week or less, because keeping a food diary helped them avoid mindless eating. 

Show of hands — How many of us staring into space and struggling with writer’s block find ourselves shoveling junk food into our mouths just because it’s convenient and comfortable? 

Well, when you’re doing that — I say “you,” because I would NEVER do that — experts say you should write down the food you’re eating as soon as you eat it instead of waiting until the end of the day. 

Trust, Fam, after you see how many times you eat m & m’s or whatever your tasty treat is in one day, it’ll put your waistline in perspective. LOL!

And…Just to prove that I’m not delusional….It would also help if you would get off your butt and exercise. But now, I’m just talking to myself. 

O.K., where was I? Right...Some more tips on food journaling are:

  • Write down what you are doing when you are eating and how eating makes you feel
  • Record how hungry you are along with the foods you are eating
  • And finally….Be honest. Keeping this journal won’t help you at all if you’re just trying to make yourself look good. Remember: The only accountability partner that really matters is yourself. 🙂

O.K. , Fam, you know the deal. What are your thoughts on food journaling? How could it work or has it worked for you? Testify!


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