It’s Tuesday

“Everyone who got where he is had to begin where he was.” ~ Pope Paul VI

Ask executives on which day their employees are the most productive and they’ll all give you the same answer — Tuesday.

Why? Well, according to a survey from Accountemps, nearly half of the 150 executives polled said that Tuesday beats out Monday, because employees, foggy from their weekends, aren’t as focused and Monday also usually gets bogged down with meetings more often.

As an artistpreneur who works out of my home, the opposite is actually true for me. I hit Mondays hardest, then Tuesday comes in a close second and Wednesday rounds out my week. For me, like everyone else working a traditional 9 to 5, Thursdays and especially Fridays tend to be my least productive days.

This interesting factoid about our second day of week, though, got me thinking. Tuesday doesn’t get much love. There are no songs written about it or sonnets proclaiming unrequited love for it. No, like the middle child, we more than often than not, ignore it, choosing to focus our attention on making it to and over “hump day.” (FYI, that’s Wednesday. Tuesday doesn’t have a nickname.)

So what do you want us to do about this, Monice? I want you to join me in creating productive Tuesdays. You have a project you want to start? Start it Tuesday. There’s a goal you hope to reach? Get started on Tuesday. You see where I’m going with this?

I don’t know why we have it stuck in our heads that we can only begin to manifest our dreams on Monday or New Year’s Eve. Since Tuesday is our most productive day anyway, let’s make that the day we put up and shut up.

I know. Beginning something new (or not so new) is scary. But you won’t be alone. Every week, I plan to post blogs as your Begin Coach. And we, as a community of artistpreneurs, will be here to testify and cheer you on every step of your process. All you have to do is share, receive and begin.

Can you do that? If you can, tell me how!


4 thoughts on “It’s Tuesday”

  1. Nichole Christian said:

    This is so funny because Monday’s are truly my slow-go day. Brain moves like molasses. But come Tuesday, I’m clicking away, as I am right now. Tuesdays take me there but I never thought about it until Monice said, “It’s Tuesday.” Thanks for shining a little light.

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