It’s Tuesday – Are You A Scribbler?

Not mine. It so not this organized. LOL!

“Insights and perceptions pass through the mind like fleet fireflies. Lit for an instant, then gone back into the dark. Stop what you are writing and write them into a notebook, onto a napkin, a scrap of paper. ANYWHERE.” ~ Leonard Bishop

Fam, I know “It’s Tuesday” is supposed to be dedicated to helping you as writers become productive. Duh! I made the rules…

But you know, what? I’ve been procrastinating writing this blog  post. 

Why? Well, it’s not for the reason you may think. I know what I want to write about — How play promotes productivity. 

I know. Sounds good, right? In fact, I was all prepared to share with a you a bullet point list of reasons of how the gleeful act of play and exercising your imagination just for the sake of fun makes you a better all-around human being and writer. 

But…Then I searched through my trusty black portable file storage where I keep my priceless, one-of-a-kind originals of my poetry.

I “borrowed” this box, I think, from my mom when I was 13 or something crazy like that, and it has, bless its’ heart, not only survived traveling with me cross-country, but has endured more than few public storage divorces. 

Anyhoo, this morning, I was looking for the original scribblings of three poems I’m gonna include in an upcoming book  — You didn’t hear this from me — And my mind zoned in on something else. 

Back in the day, I used to write on EVERYTHING. My notepad. Envelopes. In the margins of newspapers. Fast food napkins. Receipts. Candy wrappers.

Nothing was off-limits, because I had to get it out. And I didn’t hesitate to scribble it down on whatsomeever piece of paper was in my grasp.

And let’s not even talk about me always having a pen on me. Or if by some off-chance Mercury was in retrograde and I didn’t have one,  I was  never ashamed to ask complete strangers to borrow theirs. 

These days, I usually remember to carry a pen. But instead of a cheap spiral notepad, I’ve upgraded to a journal. Problem is, I don’t jot down stuff in it as passionately or without abandon, because it’s so nice. Instead, I tend to wait until ideas are formed and I can write them down in my nice handwriting. 

And guess what I do with the receipts? If I don’t keep them for tax purposes, I toss them. 

What a waste of prime writing real estate! 

Well, no more, Fam. Today, I pledge to get back to my writing-on- whatsomever-is-in-my-purse ways. I was so productive as a writer back then. Was all if it golden? Nope. But it was immediate and pure. 

And for me, that’s the best foundation I need. 

Scribblers on all things paper! What’s the oddest document you’ve written something on? How did it turn out for you?


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