Thank You Thursday

“i feel you. sometimes the glass ain’t half empty — that bad boy is bone dry. lol! but at least you can still be grateful you have a glass. #begratefulanyhow” ~ me

As a child growing up in Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church, one of my favorite parts of the service used to be when folks would stand up and testify.

Usually, the same white-haired woman from the mothers board would wobble to her feet and recount all of her pains and woes – usually with money, a sinning husband or wayward grandchild – then the choir would start humming John Cleveland’s “Don’t Feel Noways Tired,” and she would wrap up her long soliloquy by catching the Holy Ghost and thanking Jesus for His grace and mercy.

It really was a great show. But at the time, I must admit, I didn’t understand what that mother had to be grateful about. She was old, had way too many problems and the only thing she had to look forward to walking around heaven all day?

What about the here and now, I thought. I was a kid and had a lot more living to, so I came up with my own solution –  I began rationing my gratitude. No burning bushes in sight, I only thanked my family and the Lord for big things. Everyday miracles – say, like, waking up? i completely took for granted. But then something funny happened, i got older.

With each passing year, the mundane and tiny blessings began to matter to me more.  And I realized that focusing on all the bad stuff was a complete slap in the face to all of the good stuff in my life.

Yes, bad stuff can be dramatic and often times, steals your attention, peace and joy. But the good stuff? That can be quiet and unassuming. Something you can easily disregard and disrespect if you’re not careful.

That’s why I wanted to dedicate a day to just saying thank you. Who you’re thanking is not my concern. But I would be so very happy if you would join me here on Thursdays to express gratitude for any and everything – big or small – in your life.

Trust, this isn’t a religious thing. It’s not about swaying anyone to or from a spiritual path. That’s right, religious fanatics, I’m talking to you….

You see, I really could care less about who can quote the most scriptures or chant the loudest. I want this blog to be a place where we can all feel comfortable. And if you feel the same, please share.

Let’s make gratefulness contagious!

Fam, what are you grateful for?


10 thoughts on “Thank You Thursday”

  1. since you all seem to be a bit shy, i’ll be the first to testify…

    these past two years have been both difficult and transforming. despite the ups, downs and sleepless nights, i am ever so grateful for my trials and obstacles.

    not only have they made me stronger, but overcoming, enduring and persevering has revealed to me that i am blessed with more love, support and fortitude than i ever could have imagined.

  2. @monicemitchell I’m grateful for those around me who give me inspiration each day so that I can keep grinding and thriving.

  3. What’s your title for Friday?

  4. thanx for posting, nichelle! what inspires you also inspires me.

  5. Nichole Christian said:

    Grateful for the big small things: another day, another breath. The rest is gravy that I get to season just about any way that I can imagine, LOL!

  6. that’s right, nichole. you know the best gravy is the sauce made from the juices that run naturally from meat or vegetables during cooking. so, go ‘head and season your gravy, lady. you’ve earned it.

  7. I am late Mo, but today I am thankful for the sky, my sense of sight, words, pomegranates (favorite fruit), beautiful music and friends. I went to Progressive Baptist church on the east-side, but we had a lady like that too who would “get happy” every Sunday and run around the church! LOL! I was confused and much like you, in my younger years I was all about being thankful for the big ticket items. Things have changes though. Each day and moment is a blessing! Thanks for this!

  8. Baaaahaaa! Only in Detroit Mo. Only in Detroit! 🙂

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