Write On Wednesday – Where My Emcees At?

“Before I write, I let my mind go blind and let the Lord do his thing.” ~ Tupac Shakur

The Overweight Lover has left the house.

Busy all day, I didn’t get the news that Heavy D, 44, had passed until late Tuesday evening.

44?! Last month, I turned 40 myself and the thought of losing such an acrobatic emcee who was only four years my senior stunned me.

But then I started looking at YouTube videos. I watched him  dance, scat and flow and realized that Heavy D wasn’t gone. His clever words, backed by sick beats, will always live on.

And that’s all that we, as writers, wish for.  Isn’t it?

So today, I dedicate Write On Wednesday to Rap. (I’m Old School, hence the title Hip Hop is taking a backseat.)

And, Fam, I invite you to join me in showing some love to scribes like Lauryn Hill. She wrote on paper, then flowed on the mic with this Final Hour line: “I treat this like my thesis. Well-written topic broken down into pieces. I introduce, then produce words so profuse…” 

And the Shakespeare of the Mic, Rakim, who penned then rhymed in “I Know You Got Soul”: “I start to think and then I sink into the paper like I was ink. When I’m writing, I’m trapped in between the lines, I escape when I finish the rhyme. ”

To celebrate the genius and life of Heavy D, why don’t you take a moment and use the microphone photo above as a prompt to scribble down your own rhymes and share them with us?

Let’s all be emcees today. For Heavy. 🙂

Seriously, Fam, for your inner emcee, how would you show off your flow?


7 thoughts on “Write On Wednesday – Where My Emcees At?”

  1. Nichole Christian said:

    Ok Moni Muse, for you and my love of Heavy, I’ll take ya challenge. Laughing at myself as I do this.

    Here it go:

    on paper
    I’m 10 feet tall
    a million miles
    margins can’t hold me
    lines will never rule me
    I bandage bruises
    blend brokeness i
    nto beauty
    with the words that write
    through me
    they speak
    I listen
    so long

  2. @nichole, yeah, son!!!! yo flow is dope, fly, siiick! “yes, “magins can’t hold you!”

  3. @nichole, you inspired me so — and this is a great distraction from writer’s block. lol! — here’s a freestyle off the dome!

    i rhyme
    in time
    sublime contradictions
    my main affliction
    is refusing to hold
    on to nonsense
    makes no sense
    you can’t see me

    only hear me
    margins cannot hold me
    grammar, punctuation
    yearns to control me
    yet i float above
    the lines of my notebook paper
    no effort in my flow
    get up and go
    at the end of my sentence

    makes on sense since
    makes no sense since
    makes no sense since

    you can’t see me.

  4. Okay, now, let an elder sista put her cane in this lane:
    (this is what I tell hard-headed students who wanna be tight
    but can’t even write . . . ) A word from Sista Scribe . . .

    A b c d e f g – w x y z

    Ima Sista Scribe

    The alphabet is my tribe

    I know how to trick some words

    I got letters on the block

    And I can make them rock

    In case you haven’t heard

    I can kick some A’s

    And represent with Eez

    Turn my I O U’s

    Into you owe me!

    Some call me a poet

    I call it a joke

    I’m just a righteous writer

    Who can spit spoken notes!

    I can flip the script

    On any document

    And pencil whip your hieroglyphics

    Into words that make sense

    If you got the G’s”

    Maybe I’ll C

    If I want 2 B

    Yo word lady

    You a playa with a crayon?

    Don’t waste my time

    My men walk with pens

    And they write on the line!

    So don’t rap to me

    Unless you spell correct

    And have a little respect

    For my alphabet!

    A b c d e f g —

    When it comes to words

    You can’t touch me!

  5. Nichole Christian said:

    @Monice, you “ain’t” hardly got no writer’s block.

    You’ve got the gift. Devil know it, that’s why he’s trying to trick you. Keep “floating above the lines” of your paper. Your choir’s got your back when you get a little bit weary. Just keep writing. There is a reason. ( please promise to repeat these words to me , LOL)

  6. @nichole, the devil trying to trick me. lol! thanx, kindred spirt, for singing in my choir. you know i’m wearing my church robe for you, too!

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