It’s Tuesday – Mindbloom Anyone?

“As the tree is bent, so it will grow.” ~ Bill O’Reilly

Hey, Fam, my friend Tamiko sent me an invitation to play “Mindbloom” the other day. 

For those of you who are clueless like I was, “Mindbloom” is basically a productivity game that keeps you focused on pinpointing your objectives and achieving your goals. 

How it works — according to Tamiko — is pretty cool. Signing up, you get  your own tree of life and you input leaves — what you want to achieve — then set in a motion an action plan to make it happen.

Do what you’re supposed to and you’re rewarded with extra water and sunshine. Procrastinate and guess what? Your leaves turn brown, fall and your tree of life eventually dies. 

Dramatic? I know. But Tamiko swears seeing a visual representation of her productivity keeps her on track. In full disclosure, though, I have to tell you I haven’t tried it for myself — I swear if I have to remember one more password or navigate another social media site, I’m gonna lose my mind…

But hey, Fam, this ain’t about me.  My goal for “It’s Tuesday” is  to provide you with options to remain productive in your busy artistpreneurial lives.  Try it out for yourself — Mindbloom – Grow the Life You Want.

The game is free, so give it a shot, then come back and testify about  whatchathink, O.K.?


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