Thank you Thursday – One Down, 51 More To Go!

“If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.” ~ Meister Eckhart

Happy First Thursday of 2012, Fam!

That’s it.

I could write a long drawn out post about being grateful for living to see another New Year and how I’m anxiously looking forward to what the next 51 Thursdays of the leap year, 2012 , will bring.

But I’m not gonna go there.

Instead, I just wanna say thank you…

Thank you that today my father is celebrating his 62nd birthday. Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Thank you that I finished the rewrite on a script that has lived in my head for YEARS.

And thank you, God, for granting me one more again to be a blessing to You, myself and others.

Fam, what are you grateful for?


5 thoughts on “Thank you Thursday – One Down, 51 More To Go!”

  1. I’m grateful for the wisdom that God has bestowed upon me to be more intentional in the opportunities that I pursue.

    I’m thankful that regardless of what Life seems to throw my way – QUITTING IS NOT AN OPTION. I have an appointment with DESTINY and my children with LEGACY.

    I thank GOD for this moment!

  2. I’m thankful that 2011 was a tremendous year of spiritual and emotional growth for me, causing me to confidently work toward my goals and face whatever comes my way this year. I thank God for the challenges because they indeed made me stronger.

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