It’s Tuesday – Busy? How About 111 Productivity Tips?

“like a juggler gradually adding items into her rotation….this is my life now.”  ~ monice mitchell simms

Last Thursday, I wrote the above as my Facebook status. Struggling to stick to a writing schedule to pen “The Mailman’s Daughter,” the follow up to my debut novel, “Address: House of Corrections,” fulfilling my partner duties with my husband’s relationship coaching business and teaching creative writing at two Write Girl sites this year, was slowly starting to spin out of control. 

But as luck would have it I stumbled upon a productivity blog post that not only offered me new tips to get my life in order, but it also confirmed some of the things that I’m already doing. 

The categories Recharge Your Life, Zen Like To Improve Productivity and Avoid Procrastination spoke the loudest to me, but this post is chock full of tips, Fam, I know you will find something on it that you could apply to your busy lives. 

Take a read — 111 Productivity Tips for Busy People. Or better yet, print it out,  highlight the tips that resonate most with you, then come back here to testify about what worked!

Fam, I’m curious. Was this productivity post helpful…Or just a waste of time? LOL!

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