It’s Tuesday – Dream Courageously

“Stop frustrating yourself with trying to get folks to support and “see” your dream. You’re the visionary, remember? #justareminder” ~ Monice Mitchell Simms

It’s Tuesday, Fam! And I, your friendly Begin Coach, got a riddle for you.

Q: What’s the secret to beginning?

A: Continuing.

Pretty self-explanatory, right? Ah, yes. But that’s not even the rub.

The thing that’s really going to bake your noodle is this —  If you’re really serious about succeeding, you should best plan on continuing without fanfare.

That’s right, yaw. Progress ain’t sexy. In fact, it’s downright boring. And more often than not, convincing folks to get on board — let alone, chip in gas money — while you’re confidently stumbling along your path is a waste of time, killer of momentum and zapper of energy.

I know this. Because I live this. Daily. And as I write yet another proposal for yet another project — Don’t folks know I’m the BOMB?! —  I felt compelled to vent…I mean, testify to you.

Consider this  — A flying machine. Today, we know this as an airplane. But in the 1900’s when the Wright Brothers were knocking on doors to solicit funding for a flying aircraft, don’t you think they were dismissed as fools?

Yes. they. were. But that all changed after folks saw their “Flyer” soar.

Granted, the Wright’s first flight in 1903 didn’t happen over night. There were a series of crash landings before they made the ultimate breakthrough, which segways perfectly into the point of today’s lesson…

Some folks can’t “see” your vision until they can see it.

Sure, investors (and I suspect their families) thought Orville and Wilbur were kooks, but did they let that stop them? Nope. They scrimped and saved and kept at it.

Author Liane Cardes offers this: “Continuous effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking our potential.” 

It’s a great quote to illustrate the fortitude of the Wright Brothers. But, Fam, I also believe it applies to you.

You’ve wasted enough time and energy on those who don’t get it. Forget them. Today, commit to putting EVERYTHING into manifesting your destiny.

You can do this. I know you can. Why?

Because you’re an artistpreneur. It’s your job to dream courageously.

And don’t worry about investors looking at you sideways, refusing to pony up donor dollars.

You, as my momma says, can show folks better than you can tell them.

You’re the visionary, remember? 🙂

Fam, when have you had to dream courageously? 


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