Write On Wednesday – What Makes Better Writers – Twitter or Facebook?

“I didn’t know what Facebook was, and now that I do know what it is, I have to say: It sounds like a huge waste of time.”  ~ Betty White

My name is Monice Mitchell Simms and I have a love-hate relationship with social media.

Specifically, Twitter and Facebook.

On one hand, thanks to these two inventions, I’m writing more now than ever….

Not too long ago, I was a Facebook Note Publishing Queen! Whether it was poetry, commentaries or updates, I found myself constantly – some might say crackheadishly – posting to my heart’s content. Then, like a child with a new toy, I eventually lost interest. 

Looking for a new challenge to cure my boredom, I turned to Twitter. It was hard to figure out at first. How was I supposed to get followers? How did folks talk to each other? And what the hell was retweeting?  

My learning curve on this damn social networking service has been steep, I admit. But once I took off my training wheels, there was one thing that kept prodding me – the challenge to tweet a complete thought in no more than 140 characters.

Unlike Facebook where I can pontificate ad nauseam – which they’ve now changed, I believe – Twitter forces me to think succinctly and creatively.  When I tweet, I’m more prone to grab a thesaurus or I ponder longer about what I really want to say. As a result, my voice has grown stronger and clearer as a writer. 

Tweeting, I’ve also discovered, has even seeped off the grid into other areas of my life as wordsmith.

Last year, when I sat down to write my first screenplay in years, it was easier this time around to write concise, vivid scene and character descriptions. The same is true for my novel, blogs and Facebook statuses. 🙂

Hmmm….I guess that settles it then. Alas, Twitter doesn’t give me the warm, fuzzy feeling of community that Facebook does, but it has — to my surprise — made me a better writer. 

Now, my spelling? Well, that’s taken a complete hit and I could go on this long tirade about the misspelling, leaving out words, symbol, number epidemic that has engulfed us, thanks to social media and the worst culprit of all – texting. But I’m going to put away my soap box. For now. 

Instead, Fam, I’m curious about your thoughts about which social networking service has made you a better writer. Twitter or Facebook?

What say you?


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