For Make Believers Friday – Filmmaker Stands Out By Refusing to Stand Down (Part 4)



Ordinarily Nicole is too busy creating to compare herself to the iconic middle-aged Jewish filmmaker named Steven. But every once in awhile when she’s resting from planning her next project, the above question finds its way into her head.

“I never feel like I’m doing the wrong thing. But what happens to me…I don’t know, maybe it’s God …What happens is I always run into a behind the scenes video or an interview or an article sharing when someone I admire was in the same space,” she said.

“And that reminds me that this – the ups and downs, everything – is all part of it. It makes me reflect that even if I’m not at Spielberg’s level, I’m still inching forward.”

And as the adage goes, given an inch, Nicole has taken a mile.

Not only currently developing the indie features, A Man’s World and Baby of the Family, Nicole also recently wrapped production on a scene she wrote and directed for the CollabFeature project. The Owner – which was helmed and written collectively by 25 directors across five continents over the Internet – will be released worldwide May 25, 2012.

With momentum like this, who could blame Nicole if she wanted to return to those New York production companies that dissed her early on and taunt, “Who’s standing out now?”

“No, no, I’m glad they turned me down when I first came to New York,” said Nicole. “I never would have gone back home to get more experience.”

She laughed.

“But do you know what’s funny? To this day, I run into people that I haven’t seen in awhile and they still ask me, ‘You’re still making films?’ Like it was a fad or something,” she said.

“This is what I do. I’m a filmmaker. And where I am today – whether people think it’s successful or not – is due to the fact that I won’t stop doing what I love.”


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