Write On Wednesday – I Dance Until I’m Winded. You?

“Lower your standards and keep writing.” ~ William Stafford

I’m in rewrite Hell. O.K hell, may be a bit dramatic — especially after yesterday, because I was in the zone Yo!

But let me just say that this breakthrough has been a long time coming and this script rewrite is working.my.nerves.

That being said, I figured I wasn’t the only one in our growing artistpreneur community struggling with a blank page,  so I ditched the topic I was originally going to write about and decided to focus on overcoming writer’s block instead.

In the game now for 20 plus years, I usually have some go-to’s when the words refuse to come. I’ll take a walk, wash the dishes or dance until I’m winded to the Eurthymics.

Ordinarily, those unblockers work for me. But not this time. Like Sherlock Holmes searching for clues, my script didn’t begin to come together until I did a subconscious scan of my story.

Come again? I know. Let me explain.

You know how when you write and folks often pick up on a recurring theme, character or plot point in your story before you do? Well, in my tale, I had a few loose ends that out of frustration and impatience to finish, I wanted to consciously cut all together. Instead, I followed the subconscious breadcrumbs these stragglers had left for me and when I strung them together, my script began to sing.

Steve Martin said it this way: “The conscious mind is the editor, and the subconscious mind is the writer.”

Makes sense, doesn’t it? And I hear you — Rewriting a script is a good problem to have. Especially for someone who can’t make themselves write a damn thing.

Trust, I feel your pain. That’s why I want to pass on a few tips that could help you hack your way out of writer’s block. Also a good book to read by writing guru Julia Cameron is The Artist’s Way. Started with a few artists in her living room, the book – which shares creative writing tools – has sold almost 4 million copies.

Last, but not least, let me draw your attention to the photo of the calendar above. “Don’t Break the Chain” is comic legend’s Jerry Seinfeld‘s method for creative success. To download the free calendar and learn more about how Jerry uses this productivity tip to keep his writer’s block in a choke hold, click on the link.

But, Fam, do something for me first. Before you all run off and read how other scribes motivate their muses,  chime in here with the tips that work for you.  Would you please?

We, artistpreneurs, gotta stick together, you know. 🙂

Fam, what jumpstarts your muse?


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