Thank You Thursday – What Foods Are You Grateful For?

“French fries. I love them. Some people are chocolate and sweets people. I love French fries. That and caviar.” ~ Cameron Diaz

Fam, I thought I’d try something different today. 

Tuesday, I wrote about what foods can make you more productive. Yesterday, I explored how keeping a food diary can help you lose weight….Seeing a trend here? 

This week’s theme has been about food. And with it being “Thank You Thursday,”  my goal today was to pen a post about what  foods can make you feel more grateful. 

But after a morning of  unsuccessfully “researching” on the Internet,  I’ve decided to flip the purpose of this post around and instead throw the question out to you. 

O.K. let me be the first to get the ball rolling. Thank ya, Baby Jesus, for….

Number One: POTATOES. Specifically McDonald’s french fries. Fam, I swear I could eat double helpings of Thanksgiving dinner and STILL have room for these damn fries. 

Number Two: DRIED APRICOTS. Nature’s version of gummy bears, I love snacking on these, because they’re chewy, sweet and good for me. 

And Number Three: PORK BACON. God’s favorite meat. 🙂 Now, officially I no longer eat beef or pork — and if you ask me in front my husband, I’ll deny it. LOL! — But I have been known to slip from time to time. And the one thing I have an absolute weakness for is my Momma’s bacon! 

Alright, Fam, I could go on and on, but I’m gonna stop at three. Now’s time to open up the doors of the church to you. 

Regardless whether it’s good for you or not….What three foods are you grateful for? Testify!


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