Write On Wednesday

“To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.”~ Joseph Chilton Pearce

I first remember picking up a stubby #2 pencil to write when I was seven-year’s old. My debut into the literary world? A short poem about an apple tree.

It was a gift for my mom. And it wasn’t her birthday or a holiday. I wrote it just because. Deadlines, publishing commitments and spoken word performances all came later.

But when I was a child, writing was fun. A private outlet or gift I shared when I wanted to. I didn’t judge my art or on the flip side, take the imperfect words i scribbled down too seriously. Precocious and shy, I hadn’t learned yet how to obsess about Nielsen ratings, how many copies I sold or how much money I made.

That came later.

Now that I’m blessed to be volunteering with a mentoring program that helps teenage girls discover their voices through creative writing, I have traveled full circle.

By teaching them to embrace the gift that saved my life, I’m slowly learning to relinquish control, remove expectations and release resentment.

I’m having fun. Again.

And on Write On Wednesday, I want to offer you the same opportunity. Whether you’re a professional scribe, a novice writer or fall somewhere in between, feel free to join us here on hump day as we use writing exercises prompts and advice to catch a fire or reignite our love for writing.

I want to make this a true interactive experience. So, if you have an idea, prompt or exercise that gets your creative juices flowing, feel free to share it here and I’ll do my best to implement it in future issues.

It doesn’t just take a village to raise a child. It also takes a village to empower an artist. So let’s do this! And get back to writing….Just Because!


1 thought on “Write On Wednesday”

  1. Fam, ever wonder what the voice of Wednesday sounds like? Is Hump Day witty, sarcastic, bitter, introspective, bonkers?

    Just for kicks, respond back to me as if you were Wednesday. How do you feel today? How do you feel about being the most hated day of the week?

    Have some fun. Just for a second. You have the rest of the day to be serious. 🙂

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