It’s Tuesday – What Is the Recipe for Your Creative Life?

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” ~Winston Churchill

Yep. Last week, I finally broke down and did it. 

I had a Come-to-Jesus meeting with myself. 

About what, dare you ask? 

Well, Fam, I know it may look like I got it all together. And if you read my “It’s Tuesday – Passion + Purpose + Productivity” a couple of weeks ago, it even read like I had all the answers. 

But the truth is… My equation – while helpful in an empowering, clear-the-cobwebs-and- stew-it-down-to-its-essence kind of way – was really only the first step of the recipe for me. 

Yes, I said recipe. Now, Fam, what I’m about to say next may seem like a tangent, but trust it’s not. Just stick with me.

Last week, I was messaging back and forth with my fried Nichole about writing and somehow or another, we got on the topic of stewing down meat. She typed back that I was too young to know anything about stewing meat and I let her know just how wrong she was.

You see, Fam, I was raised by old folks. But not just not any old folks. Old country folks from Locust Grove, Georgia. So not only do I know about the method of slowly simmering meat and water on a stove down to its essence,  I just did it last week!

That being said, I know that the stewed meat isn’t the meal unto itself. The most integral part of my recipe — Let’s call this meal, my life — the stewed meat is the foundation, the base for me to build upon. 

In other words, I needed some more ingredients for my creative life stew.  And that’s what my Come-to-Jesus meeting with myself was about…

How do I make a meal out of my life? A filling, delicious meal that sustains, energizes and nourishes me? A  filling, delicious meal I will never tire of and constantly crave?

Without thinking about, I reached for my pen and started to doodle. Since I was a kid, I’ve been sketching triangles, circles and squares when I’m bored or stuck. On that day, I drew a circle and out came the photo above.

I call it “My Circle – The Recipe for my Life.”

I know…I know… I could have added my personal stuff onto it. But this circle is just a roadmap for my creative journey. The path I was born to walk before I became a wife, daughter, sister, aunt or friend. 

Take a look. I think it’s pretty self-explanatory and purposefully simple. My bottom line?

If it doesn’t feed my center, I don’t do it. From henceforth, I won’t allow anything to take away or distract me from purpose as an author. Period.

I know there’s something that’s the center of your creative universe, too.  Maybe by sharing my circle with you, I can nudge you to make sense of the recipe for the meal that is your life. I hope so. 🙂

Fam, what is the recipe for your creative life? The stewed meat and the ingredients? Testify!


3 thoughts on “It’s Tuesday – What Is the Recipe for Your Creative Life?”

  1. Nichole Christian said:

    I was joking about the stewed meat comment but I’m dead serious when I say this post removes any doubt that we are kindred spirits right about now. Got quiet this weekend and made some serious discoveries. Closing the door on my comfort zone . Keep pushing Moni. You’re on the right path.

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