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Make things happen“It’s not enough that we do our best; sometimes we have to do what’s required.”
Sir Winston Churchill

Hey, Fam, I ran across this article that was a good reminder for me and thought of you. 

As I work to get myself back into a rhythm to consistently publish the monice magazine again, I’m going to repost things I find that I think may be helpful to you on your artistpreneural journey. 

Is that cool?

For this article, think of yourself as a company or firm vs. an individual and you should be able to glean some nuggets of wisdom that can help you make it do what it do.

Let me know if it does, OK? 😉

Here ya go — How To Write A Better Elevator Pitch.

And now for my question:

As an artist, do you consider marketing a pain or a necessity? If so, why? Testify!